Resta Cosi (1990)

Photo credit: Nicolo Khara

pordenone Montanari

"All my art is a representation of myself on the canvas…….
The subject is always an excuse"

                                                                                      - Pordenone Montanari

Photo credit: Nicolo Khara

Pordenone Montanari (Americo Montanari) is an internationally recognised genius. A painter, sculptor, author and poet, Montanari was, until late 2007, settled in the tranquillity of his Villa in Valle San Nicolao, Biella, Italy, on the foothills of the Alps. He emerged in 2007, after 18 years in near total isolation, after being discovered by Cinzia Albertini and Raja Khara who bought his villa. 

Pordenone Montanari